keskiviikko 15. heinäkuuta 2015

Aika uusien tuoksujen

On taas aika uusien tuoksuöljyjen tilaamiseen. Tälläkin kerralla kaarran luotto tuoksuttajan Ninan puoleen. 5 tuoksua tilaukseen ja toimitus siinnä syyskuun puolella kun nämä kuiten on artesan tuoksuja eikä mitään tehdas tekoa. (kuvat antamassa tunnelmaa näille)

Tuoksukuvaukset  on Ninan käsialaa ja meinasin suomennella nämä mutta huomasin että en näitä oikeen saa suomennettua niin että se ois sekä järkevää että tunnelma säilyisi joten pärjätkää englannilla niin minäkin teen. 

* * * * *

Winter Gypsy 

"A gypsy in winter walks the forests in snow, recalling her memories as the north wind does blow. "

The essence of winter snow and scents of the season in a forest inspired scent with warm spiced notes blended with memories of winters past . A fragrance of essential oils in juniper, bergamot, clove,cinnamon and cocoa absolute, infused with pear fruit extract , juniper berries , clove buds and real pear fruit.

* * * * *

Into the Woods

" Into the woods filled with sweet night air, follow me for ancient magic awaits us there. "

A scent to capture the mystical aroma of the woods with a sweet smell of earth, and trees filled with the magic of night air. This perfume blend was carefully created with labdanum and benzoin resin,vanilla absolute,essential oils in creosote, frankincense, patchouli, cypress, and cedarwood,gently infused in patchouli leaves, frankincense resin, creosote leaves and vanilla beans.

Season of the Witch

 "When the Magick of turning leaves and darkness begins, it it time to celebrate the witch that's within ."

A dark spiced potion with wooded notes that give way to a haunting incense fragrance. A special blend in honor of the season and the witch in all of us.
Created with coriander, rose, cinnamon,lavender,frankincense, patchouli and black pepper essential oils, infused with golden amber resin, apples, patchouli leaves, pepper corns , rose petals and lavender buds.

* * * * *

Magick and Moonlight 

" Under the light of the full moon one may see the a distant campfire glowing among the forest trees, as the shadow of the dancing gypsy plays about."

A mysterious floral, lime aroma with a powdery under tone fragrance made with essential oils of frankincense,sandalwood, lime ,lavender, jasmine and vanilla absolute, infused with lime peels,lavender buds, jasmine petals and ground coconut. A magick potion so indulgant that you too will want to invoke the moon and dance within its magick light. 

Raven Spells

A spell to change form by the summer's full moon light,pluck a feather from the raven to become one with the night".

The raven represents changes in conciousness and is the symbol of a shape shifter. Ravens are prophets, spell-casters, and messengers and offer knowledge of the world to those open to recieve such magick.

Captured is a bit of raven mystery in a special blend of dark violet floral spice and berries with essential oils of sensual sweet sandalwood,cinnamon, frankincense and orris root ,violet leaf absolute,infused with blackberry fruit extract, dragons blood resin,orris root ,real blueberries and apples. A complex potion sure to transform your mind as if it were an aromatic spell cast upon you.

(kuvat Pottery Barn sivuston antia)

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